Foster Care to Success is pleased to announce the launch in April 2015 of FosterU, a national movement of foster youth, supportive adults and professionals, policy makers, philanthropists and emerging voices within higher education working together to help our nation’s foster youth as they enter adulthood.


The bleak statistics that have defined life after foster care are no longer acceptable.
Radical change is possible, but it requires a collective commitment.


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Communication and collaborative tools let us combine our energy and expertise.  Working together, FosterU will:
  • Speak directly to young people and provide them with critically important information, tools and connections
  • Mobilize a movement that recognizes foster youth as individuals who need targeted, personal support – not just a demographic group
  • Dispel outdated media ‘myths’ about youth aging out that do not reflect current and evolving policies, practices and solutions
  • Support the critical goal of shared information, resources and research.  Too much time and funding are wasted in reinventing existing models
  • Increase capacity and best practices in volunteer-led, community-based efforts
  • Facilitate a state’s child welfare system, the higher education community and employers working together to forge a range of opportunities and options for youth to succeed
A movement starts when people unite and share ideas, resources and vision for change.
Together we will build a national ‘space’ and a specialized information community to help teens plan for
life after foster care and the world of possibilities that lie ahead.