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Real life isn’t a Hallmark movie. For some the holidays can be very hard. Here is some advice from other students about how to deal with the holidays.

That no matter what your situation is we should be thankful for what you have and what you have accomplished.

– Irma, California

Take time to relax from schoolwork and stress. Family can be stressful, so make sure to take time for yourself.

– Isabeau, California

Don’t stress – you can make your own family and spend time with them. Holidays are supposed to be about spending time with people YOU chose to love not necessarily your family.

– Brandy, California

Make the best of it and celebrate even if it is just you. Cook your favorite dinner and make that special day all about you because we all deserve it. We need to take care of and be gentle to ourselves. Participate in free Christmas events with friends or the people you feel the best energy with. And if it’s just you, do what you love to do so you can enjoy every moment.

– Luzvianeth, California

Be present in the moment. Be mindful. Even if you’re not spending the holidays with families find a good friend or someone in your life you can call family and home.

– Cardajah, Alabama

Take the time to spend with the dearest people in your life. That’s what counts in life!

– Jacob, Alabama

Start a new fun tradition.

– Tarmaine, Alabama

We might not have a lot of family and or friends, but it important to celebrate the Holidays and to be positive and happy. The holidays are rough for most people, I have been there, but I promise it gets better. Bring the holiday cheer on in your heart!

– Delia, Arizona

Holidays can sometimes be difficult since not everyone has a family to spend them with, but try to join other people in there celebrations or start your own traditions with friends.

– Anna, Arizona

Family is overrated.

– Juliette, Arizona

Don’t spend your day alone. Go out with family or friends and have fun. Life is short, so don’t stress at home and doing nothing.

– Awet, Colorado

It’s hard and sometimes it feels lonely but being able to find something you like to do even if that is just relaxing and not focusing on school work is a good thing and don’t let yourself feel lonely

– Carliza, Colorado

Relax. Have fun with friends, hang out, go to a restaurant.

– Rachel, Colorado

Have fun, but don’t forget your responsibilities. Make sure you have some support. If you are a parent and a student, it could become totally overwhelming. Have the right people in your corner.

– Miracle, Maryland

Stay safe and spend time with important ones.

– Zaria, Maryland

Find some friends that you are really close to. Most of your peers don’t have a lot of kids or a huge family, so they won’t mind you spending holidays with them. Find holiday movies you enjoy and try to keep yourself surrounded with joyful spirits so you don’t get in a depressing mood.

– Destiny, Missouri

Be aware that the holidays can bring loneliness and depression but remember that even if you don’t have a healthy relationship with them, people still love you.

– Lilly, Missouri

Just be yourself and relax. It will be over before you know it. If you dont have a family to celebrate it with just be thankful you made it through another holiday.???

– Akou, Missouri

Don’t put yourself down. Look around, there is always someone willing to invite you home with them.

– Kailey, MIssouri

Spend holidays with the people you love the most even if it is just friends!

– Alyssa, Missouri

If a friend asks you to join them at a family dinner, do it!

– Ranajah, Missouri

I know we all have family issues, busy schedules, or just don’t want to leave the house. But, go see your family, call them, or text. I didn’t see or talk my family for two years, and it affected me. When I started to talk to them again, I felt good inside.

– Nicole, Missouri

Celebrate it in some way shape or form. It helps to relax.

– Karen, Missouri

Relax and enjoy the time you have with your family/friends. Don’t stress about other people or other things. The most important thing during the holidays is to take a day to enjoy yourself. Once the day is over, you can get back to studying or doing any work you need to get done.

– Tykia, Missouri

I would say definitely go home and see your family if you are not able to find a friend to hang with. Never be lonely on the holidays.

– Brittnae, Missouri

Pick one place and go with it. I always try to please everyone, and go to as many gatherings as I’m invited to. Instead of pleasing anyone, I usually wind up pleasing no one, and feeling like I’m dining and dashing.

– Faith, Missouri

If you are like me and don’t have a family, or maybe just a couple of people, just be thankful for the people that you do have. Be thankful for the day, for the very breath you have. Be thankful for as far as you’ve come. When I look back in my life, I’ve come a long ways and I am so thankful for that. Just know you are never alone. Be in THAT moment and enjoy that MOMENT. It’s easy to dwell on the negative.

– Asia, North Carolina

Be around people you love and don’t let the drama or any problems come in the picture. Just spend time with the ones you love and enjoy yourself.

– Shyanne, North Carolina

Holidays do need to be big important events if that stresses you out. It can be just binging a show with your favorite snack.

– Robert, North Carolina

I advise not being alone. Generic but being alone on the holidays is always terrible. I would try hanging with friends or trying to see family if you’re able. Also maybe a secret Santa with some of your friends. That way you can give some gifts for Christmas.

– Amber, North Carolina

Gather some friends, dress up all festive, and spend quality time together.

– Lisa, North Carolina

You don’t always have to spend the holidays with blood relatives, you can always spend it with friends or people you made your family. You don’t have to be alone or sad. Find a way to spend these happy times with someone. You could even volunteer to spend it with people who are need; they are not only in need of food, water, shelter and warmth, but of comfort and love. For some people the holidays can be sad and lonely, but it doesn’t have to be.

– Erika, North Carolina

If you can’t spend the holidays with your family, like me, then spend time with your friends and their families. The holidays are really fun but can also be really sad, so try as much as possible to be around other people, and give thanks for the people we DO still have in our lives.

– Akela, New York

Make sure to put yourself first, if you need to take a break from your family despite it being any holiday, do it.

– Corali, New York

My advice for other students who are currently in foster care is that you are never alone. Sometimes you are just one phone call away from the people you love. And it doesn’t even matter if you don’t have a family to spend the holidays with, sometimes your friends can be your family.  If you are feeling sad, try to cheer yourself up, watch a Christmas movie on Netflix or treat yourself by doing or buying something you really like.

– Karina, New York

Find a local advocacy group that facilitates gatherings around the holidays. Spend time with those you love most!

– Cloe, Ohio

The holidays can be really hard, especially if you have no one. If you feel like you can’t be alone that day then try to pick up a shift at work (if it’s open) or go to the soup kitchen and volunteer. If anything just load on in Christmas movies and allow you to treat yourself to some sweets.

– Hayley, Ohio

Try and go home for the holidays and home is where you feel safe and loved. It doesn’t have to be biological.

– Brendy, Ohio

You should celebrate it the way you want, it shouldn’t be based off of how you see everyone else. As long as you’re happy that’s all that matters!

– Petria, Ohio

Don’t feel pressured to put yourself into debt for the holidays. Just enjoy your break and do what’s best for you always! School is hard, life is hard and everyone needs a break. That’s what holidays should be, a much needed break.

– Janice, Ohio


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