a phlebotomist drawing blood from a patient


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What will I do?

Phlebotomists draw blood from patients in doctor’s offices and hospitals.

What classes will I take?

You will learn blood collection techniques, medical terminology, ethics, and human biology.

What skills do I need to start school?

You may need to complete biology and medical terminology. You will need basic math and communication skills. You will need to pass a background check.

What can I do with a certificate?

You will do blood draws in doctor’s offices, hospitals, or other medical facilities.

How long does it take to complete a certificate?

For-profit schools often offer very short-term programs, where you can complete the program in 2 months. However, it can be harder to find a job if you get your certificate from one of these programs. We recommend these programs only for someone that already has a certificate in the medical field.

Programs at community colleges may take up to a year. Longer programs have better job placement rates, because they give students more time to perfect their skills. They also tend to require students to work at an internship.

What are the next steps in a pathway?

You can work towards a certificate or an associate’s degree in a field like Medical Assisting.

What are some challenges?

You need to be ok to be around blood and needles.

How easy will it be to get a job?

It will be easier to get a job if you go through one of the longer programs.


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