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What will I do?

People working in dietetics plan, prepare, and serve food for people with special nutritional needs. They typically work in nursing homes, long-term care facilities, or hospitals. They may also be employed in a school, day care center, weight loss clinics, or prison.

What classes will I take?

You will take classes in nutrition, food service, sanitation and safety, and business operations.

What skills do I need to start school?

You will need to have basic math and communication skills.

What can I do with a certificate?

You will work an entry-level job in food service in a health care setting. You will probably work with registered dietitian nutritionists to plan menus and prepare meals for people with special nutritional needs in a health care facility.

How long does it take to complete a certificate?

These certificates can usually be completed in two semesters.

What are the next steps in a pathway?

Many schools also offer a certificate in nutrition.  You can also work towards an associate’s degree.

What can I do with an associate’s degree?

An associate’s degree expands the amount of responsibly you may be given on the job. Most jobs in dietetics require an associate’s degree at a minimum.

What can I do with bachelor’s degree?

A bachelor’s degree will prepare you to become a Registered Dietitian.

What are some challenges?

To work in a healthcare setting, you will need to pass a background check.

How easy will it be to get a job?

Jobs in this field are growing faster than average, especially in parts of the country where the population is aging.

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