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No One Read to Me. Why I Read to My Baby

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Juggling school and parenting is not easy. Throw a job in there too and you probably feel stretched really thin! It’s so important that you try to carve at least a couple of minutes out of your day to read to your baby though. Here’s why:

  1. It’s bonding time. You can snuggle while you read. Hearing your voice can be very soothing to your baby.
  2. It prepares your baby for reading on their own.  They learn so much when your read to them. It sounds silly, but your baby learns how books work – how to open a book and how to turn pages. This will come in handy when they are ready to read on their own.
  3. Your baby’s brain needs it. Babies who hear more different words have an advantage when they get older.  The more words your baby hears, the better they will do in school when they’re older.
  4. They’ll learn that reading is fun. Reading is fun! Start them off young!

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