What you Need to Know about Subleasing an Apartment

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What is Subleasing?

When you sublease an apartment, you take over another person’s lease.  People usually sublease their apartment if they are leaving temporarily but plan to come back or if they need to move permanently and cannot break their lease. If you are looking to live somewhere short-term, like for a semester or over the summer, then subleasing an apartment may be for you.

There are advantages and disadvantages to subleasing  an apartment.


  • short-term lease
  • may not need to get a credit check
  • might not have to pay a deposit
  • apartment might be furnished, or partly furnished, if the tenant leaves their things or has roommates


  • you may end of living with strangers if one person is subleasing their room in a larger apartment
  • you will have to leave when the lease ends

Tips for subleasing an apartment

  • make sure you sign a lease, either with the tenant or the landlord
  • read the original lease
  • find out what bills you are responsible for paying
  • pay for rent by check or ask for a receipt if you pay cash. If you pay using an app, make sure you leave a note that it’s for rent
  • inspect the property. You don’t want to be held responsible for any damages that you didn’t do

How to find a place to sublease

  • search for subleasing opportunities on Facebook groups for your area. There often Facebook groups set up by and for students looking for off campus housing
  • check your school’s housing website. Schools usually have off campus housing information. Some school’s have roommate finder tools

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