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Social Media Etiquette

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Graduation might seem far off, but it’s time to start thinking about applying for jobs.

According to CareerBuilder, 70% of employers check out social media accounts before making hiring decisions. And 54% of hiring managers found content on social media that caused them not to hire a candidate.

Post a nice picture of yourself smiling!

We tend to view our social media accounts are personal, so it feels a little intrusive when we find out strangers are creeping on our pages. So what should you do?

  1. Check your privacy settings. See what others can see. Adjust your privacy settings or remove any questionable content
  2. Post a nice user pic of yourself.
  3. Don’t publicly posting anything embarrassing or negative.

    No matter how fun your evening was, avoid posting wild partying pictures!
  4. Don’t share pictures of yourself intoxicated.
  5. Don’t post about illegal drug use (you might think you’re using a really clever code that no one can crack, but you aren’t. Trust me).
  6. Avoid posting publicly about family or relationship drama.
  7. Don’t complain about your current job. This is how people get fired.
  8. Don’t post anything racist. This is also how people get fired.
  9. Publicly share things you want a future employer to see. Loving your internship? Post about it. Read a great article relevant to your field? Share it.
  10. Keep it clean. Use good punctuation and grammar. Avoid curse words.
  11. Keep your profile up-to-date. Update your location when you move. Update your school when you enroll.
  12. Have a social media presence. Don’t erase your digital footprint entirely. Almost half of employers said they wouldn’t call someone for an interview if they can’t find them online. Set up a LinkedIn profile so employers have something to find.

Why did employers say that they didn’t offer someone a job based on their social media presence?

Those reasons included the candidate:

  • Posting provocative or inappropriate photographs, videos or information – 39%
  • Posting information about them drinking or using drugs – 38%

    Is this a cool picture? Sure. Is it appropriate if you’re applying for a job? Maybe not.
  • Making discriminatory comments related to race, gender, or religion – 32%
  • Bad-mouthing their previous company or fellow employee – 30%
  • Lying about qualifications – 27%
  • Having poor communication skills – 27%
  • Posting about criminal behavior – 26%
  • Sharing confidential information from previous employers – 23%
  • Using an unprofessional screen name – 22%
  • Posting too frequently – 17%

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