Whether your emailing your professor or an employer about a job, you want to make a good impression.

Here are 9 tips for good email etiquette:

  1. Use a clear subject line “Biology 212 class question” or “Application for Barista Job”
  2. Use your real name – your professor or employer won’t know who you are if you don’t use your own name
  3. Have a professional email address – babygirl420 won’t make the best impression
  4. Write in complete, coherent sentences with no spelling errors.
  5. Don’t write in all CAPS or capitalize the First Letter of Every Word
  6. Remember to greet whoever you are speaking to. Hi Dr. Smith, for example
  7. Do NOT use “text” language or emoticons – don’t use “u” or “lol” or 🙂
  8. Keep it short and concise. Professors or potential employers are busy.
  9. Include a closing: Thank you. And include your name. Some people include their major if emailing a professor. You may also include a phone number, if you would like them to call you.


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