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Computer Numerical Control (CNC)

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What will I do?

CNC machinists operate large manufacturing machines. CNC machines use computer programs to tell them what to do.

What classes will I take?

You will take math classes. You’ll learn how to read blueprints. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to operate CNC machines safely.

What skills do I need to start school?

You will need basic math and communications skills.

What can I do with a certificate?

A certificate prepares you to work in a factory operating a CNC machine.

How long does it take to complete a certificate?

These programs are typically two semesters.

What are the next steps in a pathway?

You can earn other certificates in manufacturing. You can transfer your credits to an associate’s degree in Manufacturing or Industrial Technology.

What can I do with an associate’s degree?

Your school may offer an apprenticeship program to become a machinist. Increased education offers greater knowledge in the area. The more machines you learn how to use, the easier it will be to find a job or to advance at your current job. Apprenticeship programs usually take around 4 years to complete.

What are some challenges?

You will stand on your feet for long periods. The work environment may be hot, dirty, and loud. You may have to lift heavy materials and equipment.

How easy will it be to get a job?

Growth in this field is about average. There are many decent paying jobs for people with just a certificate.

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