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Applying for a job can be overwhelming. There are plenty of scammers ready to steal your personal information while you are applying for jobs. Here are some tips to keep your identity safe.

  1. Check out email addresses. Reputable companies almost never use Yahoo or Gmail addresses.
  2. Watch out for spoofed or misspelled email addresses or websites. Some scam emails use similar looking company name and include their logos in their emails.
  3. If it seems to good to be true, it probably is. If most jobs in your area are paying $10/hour and this job says they are offering $20, something funny is going on.
  4. Match the job to your resume. Be wary if someone is offering you a job completely different than what’s on your resume.
  5. Give their phone number a Goog. If someone calls offering you a job, search the company online. There are websites dedicated to reporting scammer’s phone numbers.
  6. Don’t pay any money upfront. You should not have to send a prospective employer money for any reason. (Note: an employer may require you to pay for a TB test or physical exam, this is ok because you are directly paying a doctor’s office).
  7. Don’t give out personal or banking information over the phone. Don’t give out your social security number in an email. Don’t give them your banking info until you’re hired.
  8. Be wary of unsolicited job offers.  If someone calls you out of the blue, and you don’t remember applying for a job with them, double check that they are legitimate. Google the company name or check out reviews by current and former employers on Glassdoor. 
  9. Think twice about any job that is commission only. Can you afford to work for no money?
  10. Avoid multi-level marketing positions.

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