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How to Search for a Summer Job

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Here are some tips to make your summer job search go smoothly.

  1. Visit your school’s career center. They can help you brush up your resume, write a cover letter, or complete a job application. Also, they will have a list of businesses that are hiring.
  2. Decide what your looking for. What are you looking for in a summer job? Extra money, housing, a resume builder. If you need housing, apply at a sleep away camp or resort. If you want to be a teacher or social worker, find a job working with kids. Think about what you want and go from there. Having a focused job search will make things go smoother.
  3. Search the internet. Start with You can search for “summer job” or you can be more specific (server, summer camp). You may also want to look at specific websites. For example, check out the local Boys and Girl’s Club or YMCA for day camp jobs. Search for jobs safely by using these tips.
  4. Check you email. I cannot stress this enough!!!! Most employers won’t call you for an interview. They will send one email. If they don’t hear from you, they will move on. Also, check your spam folder. Sometimes emails from employers end up there.
  5. Check your voicemail and make sure your voicemail is set up. If an employer does call, you want to know.

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