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Chasing Your Dream Job

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wall-321499_1280Chances are, your dream job has changed since you were a kid. As you’ve gotten older you realize job seeking requires more than just a ‘cool factor;’ you have to consider salary, working conditions, appropriate education, and if there is opportunity for career advancement.

First things first: Know Who You Are.

Identify your interests, aptitudes, skills, and values.

Visit your school’s career center and set up an appointment with a career counselor if you need help in selecting a career for yourself based on these criteria.

Career counselors can arrange for testing that can identify your interests, aptitudes and skills and can relate these findings to specific careers that have the potential to satisfy you. Academic counselors can help you match your career goals to an academic major that will prepare you for your chosen field.

Second: Make a Career Match

Makes sense right? If you can understand your interests and skills, you’ll be able to find the right career that matches your criteria. Once you find the career, you can identify the right major that will help get you on the path towards your dream job.

will either confirm that you have made the right choice or indicate you should look in another direction. If after you have read and learned more about your chosen field and you realize – “wait, I actually have zero interest in being a nurse.” Don’t sweat it.

Analyze the skills you’ve assessed from your aptitude tests and refocus your goals. Consider talking through your goals  with: friends, professors, mentors, and family – Smart goals on blackboardthey may be able to help you choose a field that is the right “fit” for you.

Finally: Make your goals stick.

Once you have made a firm decision, you need to prepare for your career, do well in your major courses, and set yourself up to be competitive when you begin your search for a job in your chosen field.

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