What to do when you find an old check

Find an old ETV check crumpled up in the bottom of your backpack and can’t remember if you deposited the check?

Here’s what you should do:

1. Check your online banking account to see if you deposited the check. You can also go into your bank and ask the bank teller to help you.

2. Call your ETV coordinator. We can find out if the check has been deposited or cancelled. If someone waits too long to deposit a check, we usually cancel the check. This means that the check isn’t good to deposit anymore. It can take a couple of days for us to look into it, so be patient.

3. If your check is good, but if it’s too crumpled up, your bank might not take it. We will probably need to issue you a new check.

Please do not try to cash or deposit the check. If you try to cash or deposit a bad check, your bank might give you some money in the short term. But as soon as your bank figures out that the check isn’t good, your bank wants that money back. If you don’t have that money, your bank will charge you overdraft fees on top of what you owe them. If your bank thinks you double deposited a check on purpose, they will close your account.

Finally, please do not take a found check to a check-cashing store. If the check is not good, and they give you money, they will take legal action against you.



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