How to Save $$$ on Textbooks

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Textbooks can be really expensive. How can you save some money? Here are a couple of ideas:

  • Check eBay or Amazon. – Rachael
  • Some my friends and I took the same class but different semesters. We split the cost. – Jessica
  • I learned that my college set what books were mandatory without consulting every instructor teaching a certain class and that if I showed up and asked my specific instructor, sometimes I didn’t have to buy all of the “required” texts. – Jackie
  • Rent E-books and use the amazon rental program. I have a Prime Account and some ebooks are free. – Farah
  • I talked with a few professors and they would lend me copies of the books, or tell me which ones were REALLY needed, when I explained I was actually poor, not just “can’t get extra foam in my latte” poor. – Ashley
  • Amazon, EBay, Chegg, I rent them, I also check the College libraries. Sometimes they have a copy of the textbook on file. Renting has been a very good option lately, however.
    I also wait for the first day of class and ask what books they are really going to use.
    – LaTisha
  • I checked out prior editions at the public library instead of buying the books. Also, the library sometimes has copies of books on reserve. You can read them at the library. – Jessica
  • As a college student, you get prime for half price! It’s only ~$52 a year instead of ~$115 for non-college students to rent used books that you can return at the end of your semester. They even give you all the shipping labels, you just have to ship them back out. AND they ship to you in 2 Days as a prime student member, which is essentially free expedited shipping – Ashley

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