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It’s easy to take your cell phone for granted. It’s this tiny computer that lives in your pocket that you probably look at too much. Whether you’re getting ready to enter the workforce or you’re planning on being in school for the next couple of years. it’s important to learn how to use your cell phone professionally.

Set up your voicemail box

Like many people, I hate answering my phone. I usually send calls straight to voicemail. If someone leaves a message, I check it to see if I need to call them back. But if you don’t have voicemail set up, you’ll never know who called and why. What if a prospective employer is calling to set up and interview? Are they are going to call back or are they going to move on to the next candidate?

Check your voicemail

Don’t let your voicemail box fill up. Check your voicemail periodically, like, for example, every time someone leaves a message. If someone is trying to get a hold of you, and they can’t leave a message, they might not call back.

Answer your phone

If someone is calling you, please don’t be completely silent after you answer the phone. You must say “hello” first. Don’t wait for the caller to say “hello.” If the caller hears complete silence after the phone stops ringing, they might hang up and you could miss out on an important call.

But don’t answer your phone is class

If your phone rings while you’re in class, send it straight to voicemail, or duck out into the hallway to take the call.


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