What life lessons has adversity taught you?

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To always keep a positive outlook on all situations.

– Austin

There is no one in this world who you can truly count on but yourself. Even the people who love you and who you love can die or change in unexpected ways. Invest in yourself, so that you will be equipped to handle challenges that come your way, even if the people you love aren’t able to help you.

– Jackie

What you are going through in this moment is only temporary. You will look back and be amazed at how trivial something was “in the moment” but how far you have come since.

– Sheila

Be kind to others. You have no idea what they’re going through.

– Margaret

Adversity has taught me that even though bad things happen and people expect you to go down a certain path doesn’t mean that it will happen. You can fight what has happened and learn from it. Follow your own expectations not the ones of people that don’t know you or your story.

– Ashley

Adversity has taught me that I am capable of accomplishing anything I set my mind too. With not being fortunate enough to have other things my peers around me had, it made me work harder to obtain the new shirt or shoes I wanted. Nothing was handed too me, so I’ve had to work tremendously hard for things in life. I am blessed enough to have had the opportunity to grow in that aspect and thrive off of hard work and dedication.

– Faith

You need at least one person in your life who you can rely on.

– Hassan

In 2010, my adoptive family walked out of my life and I fell apart. I spoke up about my adoptive father molesting me for years. He made college hard for me at times. I withdrew [from school] in 2011 and shortly after became a victim of assault and became pregnant. I became homeless because of trying to escape my abuser and his family. I experienced hunger and physical abuse. It was tough. I killed my pride, moved into a homeless shelter for 3 months, enrolled back into college and walked to school every day.

I slowly began to fix my life. From an apartment, to a new car, scholarships galore, my daughter gave me motivation to be great. I finished my bachelor’s degree with a daughter and went straight into a master’s degree in Criminal Justice. I finished with a 3.9 while raising her and working full-time. Adversity has made me resilient, smart and resourceful. It has given me a purpose to make a difference in the lives of others.

This is a lot to share but I’m open because I have inspired so many people with my story. As a public speaker for the county prosecutor’s office, it gives me joy to share my story and open people’s eyes to what they are capable of doing with their love.
– Nautica


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