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Different study techniques work for different people. Maybe something here will work for you.

We asked students for study tips and this is what they said:

In reading assignments, find the objective or outcomes before reading to give yourself a better understanding of what material to pay attention to. – Gabriel, Arizona

I use the Pomodoro method. – Karolline, Maryland

Use Cornell notes and review for 30 minutes a day. – Dejionna, Arizona

Study in a public place! Being around other people can socially enforce you to study rather than nodding off or getting distracted. Also, do not study for one class for a long period of time. Study for multiple classes in a day, but for shorter periods of time. Long study sessions can be exhausting and cause you to lose morale! – Jessica, North Carolina

Do not procrastinate! – Jacqueline, Arizona

I like typing my notes in class and rewriting them by hand when I go home. Helps me remember better!  – Isabeau, California

I make sure my room is organized, so I feel organized when doing my homework. – Dejohntae, Arizona

If you’re having a hard time starting working, begin with easy assignments that you can finish quickly to get a sense of accomplishment that will fuel your studies for harder topics/assignments.  – Emily, Colorado

Set thirty minutes of your time each day to dedicate to studying. Review previous work while learning new lessons. – Brendy, Maryland

If whatever you are studying can be turned into a diagram or picture, try and visualize it that way. Then, using the diagram, explain the thing you’re studying to someone else. – Amber, Ohio

Write things out and repeatedly condense. If you start with 10 pages of notes, pick out the important information and rewrite it using 6 pages. Condense it again by picking out the important information and rewriting it into 3 pages. Writing is the best way to do this and constantly changing the format gives your brain different ways to remember the information. It’s also a way to take a lot of information, which can be daunting, and make it super manageable. – Hannah, Colorado

Use Quizlet! – Roberta, New York

Try to actually understand the concepts behind what you are learning. Use resources such as the tutoring center and office hours and keep asking questions until you fully comprehend the material. This will prepare you for exams as well as for future academic endeavors. – Andrew, New York

Make flash cards and quiz yourself. – Maggie, Missouri

Study in the morning, while on break at work, and before sleep. – Alexandra, New York

It is important to not stress over an exam or paper or quiz. You should study but not to the point that you’re giving yourself a headache or wanting to cry. It is important to remember that although the test is important it’s not as important as your mental health. –Makayla, North Carolina

I study a little bit everyday and I recite to myself what I’m studying and I quiz myself to make sure I understand. – Carline, New York

My best study tip is to work with the tutors in the tutoring center. Also, I review my notes every night when my roommate is in bed. She likes to play music when she’s awake and I can’t deal with it when I’m studying.  I sometimes Face Time online friends to get help from them since I have an online class, which is a bit complicated and hard. I watch YouTube videos a lot (to see how to solve math problems, tips for how to be a good writer). – Rachel, Colorado

Study a little bit everyday. Don’t cram it’s easier to forget materials if you do it that way. Make post it notes and post them around the house so you can study around the entire house. – Jazzamise, Alabama

I go to a study group twice a week – Nichole, New York

Redoing past quizzes without the book or a study guide. It helps me get a feel for the test, where we can’t have books, as well as helps me remember without just looking it up. – Jasmine, Arizona


Take a break when you get overwhelmed and then get right back into it. – Sarah, Arizona



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