Should I Go to Summer School?

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While trying to decide what to do this summer, you may have thought about taking classes. It’s not a terrible idea, but summer classes can be hard. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  •  Summer session classes happen fast. You have to cover all of the content of a normal 15-week class, but compressed into a couple of weeks. So, a class that normally meets five times a week for an hour each day, might meet for three hours a day, every day, for five weeks.  Instead of a chapter a week, you might cover a chapter a day. Instead of having a test every month, you might take a test every week.
  • Take something that you like. Summer is not the best time to retake that Chem class that you failed. Take something that you know you’ll like. It can be hard to make yourself do work when all your friends or roommates are just chilling all summer.
  • Take something easy. Summer is a great time to get an easy elective like Art, PE, or Intro to College out of the way.
  • Are you on track to graduate? Do you need to take a summer class in order to graduate on time? Are you planning on taking a course in the fall, but are missing the pre-reqs for that class? Meet with your advisor to talk about your options.
  • Can you afford it? You only get the Pell Grant for 12 semesters, do you want to use one up on summer classes? If you’re state has a tuition waiver and classes are free, then make sure you have textbook money. Sometimes ETV money runs out before summer session starts, so talk to your ETV coordinator before you register for classes.

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