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10 Ingredients for a Successful Student

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Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a magic formula that you could use to guarantee that you would pass all your classes? Stress would disappear if only you had a recipe to follow that would give you a great grade every time, right? Well, the recipe exists and we’re giving it to you….FREE!

Below are 10 ingredients that, when combined, create a recipe for a successful student! If you want to do the best you can, get the best grades you’re capable of, and open the doors for future opportunities, follow these step by step directions.

This “Successful Student Recipe” includes 10 key ingredients that are not just good ideas; they are backed up with research and years of experience. Try following them for one semester and we think that the grades you get will convince you to use this recipe for the rest of your student life.

The Successful Student Recipe

  1. Meet with your academic advisor before registering for classes and then regularly throughout the semester.
  1. Take no more than two hard classes in any one semester, if possible.
  1. Meet with your professors at the beginning of the semester and regularly during the rest of the course. Meet with your professor or teaching assistant after each exam or paper to go over your results.
  1. Get to know some of your classmates; join or start a study group for each class.
  1. Attend EVERY class.
  1. If you don’t understand something, ask questions right away.
  1. Make full use of your school’s academic and support services, like the tutoring center, math and English labs, counseling and career centers.
  1. Live by the calendar! Make weekly and monthly calendars with all of your assignments indicated and work backwards to make sure you have time to complete them.Laptop with notepad and sicky notes
  1. Keep up with all readings and do all of your homework on time even if it is not graded. Set aside a regular study time for each class.
  1. If you have to work full time, go to school part time. If you are a full-time student, you shouldn’t work more than 10-15 hours a week during the semester.

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