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What is AmeriCorps?

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What is AmeriCorps?

AmeriCorps is a national community service program. It’s an opportunity for people to use their time and talents to get things done in their communities. At a time when many internships and job opportunities have disappeared, AmeriCorps is still going strong, with many sites offering the opportunity to serve remotely.  Most programs last 10-12 months, but there are some programs that are only for the summer, which is ideal for a college student!

When you sign up to do AmeriCorps, you are essentially getting paid to volunteer. AmeriCorps volunteers serve at schools, community centers, farmers markets, summer camps, and non-profits agencies all over the country.

AmeriCorps is not a job, although it may feel like one. You have to apply and interview for a position. If you are selected, you will have a schedule and be expected to show up on time every day.

What are some things AmeriCorps does?

AmeriCorps volunteers do a variety of things, depending on where they serve!


  • teach computer classes for adults.
  • recruit and train volunteers at a community garden.
  • design and implement a social media campaign to advertise programs for families.
  • run an after-school program.
  • clean up national parks.
  • assist in disaster response.

You can find a position doing what you are interested in.

 What are the benefits of serving in AmeriCorps?

  • You will be paid a monthly stipend.
  • It looks great on a resume!
  • You will learn new skills.
  • If you successfully complete a year of service, you will receive an education award that can be used to pay tuition or to pay student loans.
  • You may qualify for food stamps and a child care vouchers.
  • Loan deferment and interest forbearance. While you are serving in AmeriCorps, you do not have to pay on most federally-guaranteed student loans.
  • Select programs provide housing

How can I join?

You apply to an AmeriCorps program the same way you would apply to any job – you complete an online application and submit a resume. If you are chosen for an interview, you will be contacted, usually through email.

You can search for opportunities here

You can complete your profile and apply here

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