Why You Should Get an Internship

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There are many reasons why you should get an internship. Here are 5:

  1. You’ll get real world experience. Sure you may have a job, but most students’ jobs aren’t related to their chosen career path. Working while in school is great, but an internship will give you an idea of what it’s really like to have a real job.
  2. You’ll make professional contacts. Everyone that you work with at your internship is a potential reference for a job. Set up a Linkedin profile and add them to it. That way you’ll be able to stay in touch professionally.
  3. You’ll have something to put on a resume. Having a part-time job during college is great. It lets future employers know that you are capable of getting to work on time, can get along with others, and other transferable skills. But the other skills you’ve learned at your college job might not translate to a career. An internship gives you something directly related to the  careers you’ll be applying for after graduation. It’s a great way to beef up a resume
  4. You’ll learn something about yourself. You might learn that you love this career…or you might learn that you hate it.
  5. You’ll get a leg up on the competition. Your resume and skill set will be more impressive than those of someone that didn’t do an internship. Your internship lets future employers know that you know and understand what you’re doing.
You might feel like this at first, but you’ll figure it out.


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