Studying for Math Tests

Studying for math is different than studying for other subjects.  Math is learned by doing.  Therefore, ALWAYS do the homework.  In math, each class builds on every previous lesson; falling a day behind puts you at a disadvantage and falling a week behind can be a disaster.  On the other hand, because each class builds on every previous lesson you are always reviewing and you have less to learn at the end of the chapter or semester if you have kept up with your homework.

  • When you are studying for a test, go over each section and rework the problems – cover up your answers and try them again.
  • Explain formulas and mathematical strategies in words, out loud, to be sure you understand them. Write them down on index cards to study every time you have a spare minute.
  • Work problems from the review sections at the end of chapters.  In studying for math, the key is to work problems, over and OVER


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