Because of Foster Care I Can…

See current and former foster youth’s true worth. – Kathy J.

Quickly read a kitchen and open the silverware drawer on the first try. – Ashley M.

Relate to all the families, children, and cases I touch. I know the print I’m leaving on each life. – Sheila F.

Befriend people easily, but also can cut from people who are not good for my life. – Shaina B.

Be a responsible citizen, and provide positivity and compassion to the work in my work and daily life. – Jacob G.

Be the woman, the mother, and the wife that I am today! Love, encourage, and support others to never give up on their dreams and that your past does not need to define your future! – Danielle N.

Show my kids that families come in all shapes and sizes.  There is no one way to have a family. – Jessica K.

Have a heads up on the true meaning of life and meaning of the soul. – Jacob G.

I see big problems as small obstacles. – Gerald B.

See a dozen different ways my life could have gone horribly wrong, but the right person always stepped in at the right moment, to keep me on track. – Jackie L.

Go to college without being in debt yet. – Grace L.

See my sister graduate high school and me get my associate’s degree. – Margaret A.

Understand the importance of mental health and be an asset to the community after graduate school.  – Mercedes R.

Pack boxes to move like an expert. Adapt quickly to any new situation. Absorb the depths of others pain with enormous empathy and without any shock factor. Be a leader in crisis when everyone feels out of control. Identify and find ways to access resources that help me succeed. – Cazzie B.

Have empathy for the at risk kids that I work with and never ever write them off – LaTisha B.